Hi I am Jason Tan,
Many of the agents I have met recently are facing similar issues:
Real Estate Salespersons:
1. Are without a proven business model therefore ⭐Feeling Stagnant
2. Inconsistent results due to lack of creative ⭐prospecting techniques that works
3. ⭐Lack of mentorship⭐ to improve on presentation and interpersonal skills
Team Leaders/Managers:
1. ⭐Struggle to grow⭐ their teams because it affects their own personal sales
2. Lack of a ⭐framework and new techniques⭐ to do one to one coaching effectively
3. ⭐Lose out on recruitment⭐ due to lack of resources and team/division support
And therefore JTA has created our very own proven ⭐The JTA business model⭐, ⭐Signature JTA Mentorship Programs⭐ to give all our associates a step-by-step formula to achieve their goals in their sales and also their team building.
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Jason's Real Estate Journey:
Being in the real estate industry for a good 17 years, Jason has won numerous Top Achiever & Management Awards. He is a consistent award winner for both sales and team building.
Being an active salesperson and leading a team of over 900 men strong, Jason is a leader who is relevant and leads by example.
He is able to point the correct segment to focus in and come up with workable systems and solutions to make prospecting and conversions simple .
Proven Track Record For Both Personal Sales And Team Achievements:
⭐ 2007 - 2021: Creator of 2 Real Estate Mobile Apps (Link Up & Navis Analyzer)
⭐ 2007: Co-Founder of Navis Living Group
⭐ 2008: ERA Top 50 Achievers
⭐ 2008: ERA Top Manager
⭐ 2009: ERA Top 50 Achievers
⭐ 2009: Promotion to ERA Division Director
⭐ 2010: ERA Top 50 Achievers
⭐ 2010: Promotion to ERA Senior Division Director
⭐ 2011: ERA Top 3 Senior Division Director
⭐ 2012: Promotion to ERA Group Division Director
⭐ 2014: ERA Top Group Division Director
⭐ 2015: ERA Asia Pacific Top 5 Asia Pacific Member Broker/Manager (Transactions)
⭐ 2017: Appointed as OrangeTee & Tie Senior Associate Executive Director
⭐ 2018: OrangeTee & Tie Top Project Sales Division (1st Runner-Up)
⭐ 2018: OrangeTee & Tie Top Sales Transaction Division (1st Runner-Up)
⭐ 2019: OrangeTee & Tie Top Senior Associate Executive Director (1st Runner-Up)
⭐ 2019: OrangeTee & Tie Top Sales Division (2nd Runner-Up)
⭐ 2019: OrangeTee & Tie Top Sales Transaction Division 2019 (2nd Runner-Up)
⭐ 2019: OrangeTee & Tie Top Recruiting Division (2nd Runner-Up)
⭐ 2020: OrangeTee & Tie Top Senior Associate Executive Director
⭐ 2020: OrangeTee & Tie Top 10 Best Business Unit Heads (Resale)
⭐ 2020: OrangeTee & Tie Top 10 Best Business Unit Heads (Project)
⭐ 2020: Top 5% Achiever
⭐ 2021: Founder of Jason Tan Advisory, PropNex .
Real Estate Mobile Apps Creator
Jason is the creator of 2 Real Estate Mobile Apps - Link Up & Analyzer . Because of its practicality and user friendliness, these 2 apps are widely used by countless realtors for their day to day business.
Jason's Real Estate Portfolio
Having bought 8 properties under his portfolio, Jason is also an active investor who walks his talk. He has helped countless property investors towards financial freedom through market analysis and detailed property planning
Trainer And Public Speaker
Working with professionalism, and with his team and clients’ best interest at heart, Jason has been featured on The Straits Times Singapore, 99.co, EdgeProp and PropertyGuru for his outstanding work, innovations and leadership qualities.
He is also a trainer and a public speaker in consumer seminars and many events.
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Dave Lee
I felt truly blessed to have met Jason and is part of his growing team. He appears to me as a very real person, listens to your issues and offers suggestions without much expectation in return. That was the first time I met him. Don’t know if I will be joining him. Subsequent meetings shows that he is a truly selfless leader that places his team well being in the first place. I am very honoured to be part of JTA and to have Jason as a team leader and a mentor. Thank you Jason!
Nelson Neo
Jason certainly fulfilled the criteria of being a great mentor in the competitive real estate industry! Jason walks the talk and selflessly shared his ideas and methods with the team so that everyone in the team gains from his successes. He is always present to guide and mentor whenever needed, always a phone call away or even a personalised meeting amid his busy schedules. A leader to look up to and yet a teammate to count on as well! Lastly, a very suitable quote to describe Jason is as follows: Quote “A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you." — Bob Proctor” Unquote.
Elaine Goi
A natural leader, Jason Tan is someone who plans ahead for the team and puts the needs of his agents at the forefront. Being stellar at what he does- he is also a key analyst who always tries to incorporate the best technology to his profession. Furthermore, Jason’s meticulousness and dedication to his role is remarkable. This was seen during our preparation prior to crossing over to PropNex. I am looking forward to work with Jason Tan and JTA team and excel in PropNex. United, we grow and shine together! .
Harry Yap
Crossing with a big team is always challenging. Jason have been instrumental in my successful migration to Propnex. We share the same vision which is to add value to everyone in JTA. His drive to support and nurture leaders and achievers is relentless. He is able to unite all leaders toward common goals and direction. I can see my team grow both in size and performance exponentially under his proven leadership
Donny Lim
Chatted with several senior managers during the move from my first company, Jason came across as a sincere and go getter manager who still does sales and has his pulse to the market. Decided to join his team and till now, no regrets! We work well together, had meaningful discussions and had lots of fun during gatherings and overseas trip. He is still my go to person when faced with difficulties 👍🏾.
Henry Yap
Jason is a great manager that understands his people. Your strong leadership skills, along with the support and dedication you’ve shown, has earned you much deserved respect and admiration. Thank you for your extraordinary ability and leadership in guiding me
Ryan Yeo
I was introduced to Jason through a colleague many years ago and joined him in his previous agency. In my years of working with Jason, I can really see his passion and commitment in helping his agents to advance both in their personal sales and management. With his strong IT background, every year he has never fail us in providing new or updated apps that help us in our business. Recently we joined Jason in PropNex, we are very confident that JTA will do much better by leveraging PropNex platform and management support
Den Ng
Jason is a strong leader who leverage on his insight to coach his team. Those methodology he pass to us, are self-tested and proven to work, before sharing with us ! He is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way! 👍
Eugene Ow
I know Jason Tan for 16 years since our early days in the previous agency and even though I was not under him previously. He was a great leader with great personality and his selfless sharing and vision to the team to be more successful is something that you will want to be part of the journey. I should thank him instead for allowing me to join his team this time round so that we are aligned to grow our team and continue to add value to our people around us
Coleen Huang
As a new RES, It is extremely important to follow a good mentor Jason is a true leader/mentor whom provides selfless guidance and support to the team. I am really proud to be in JTA and look forward to grow and excel with the Team
Jasmine Tan
I am very grateful to be mentoring under Jason Tan and be a part of his wonderful team. He is a great leader with so much passion for his people. Under his mentorship, I had gained so much more skills and insights in 3 months than I had in 11 years in property. Jason is a prime example of a servant-leader who leads with conviction and is never afraid to get his hands dirty. Whenever help is needed, he has never hesitated to help me or anyone who approaches him. No matter how busy, he will make time to sit down with us in everything we need to know. He is a selfless, intelligent and resourceful leader and most importantly he has passion for his people. I can gladly say that I have made the right decision to join Jason Tan and his team and I look forward to excelling under his wing
Ryan Tan
I know Jason through a HDB sale-purchase case in 2009 which fell through eventually due to my client pulling out. The way Jason handle the situation calmly and professionally left a deep impression in me since then. Hence in 2013, when I decided to search for a good mentor, I naturally chose Jason. Since then, he has been a great brother to me, as well as a good business mentor to me for the past 9 years. He is a very patient mentor, and always thinks hard to find solutions for his associates, going through the ups and downs with his team. Jason is definitely a great leader and mentor to me!
Jimmy Lye
I have been working with Jason for the past 3 years He is a person and leader who cares and devotes his time to help his team and individuals to excel in their area of real estate business development. He constantly thinks and develops ways and solutions to help leaders to breakthrough in the real estate career. We have benefited from the above development and value-added to our continuing growth in strength as a result of Jason's belief in working in a positive family environment!
Steven Loh
Have been with Jason for more than 10 years. He is a reliable and trustworthy leader who sets a high standard for us to follow. Great mentor and friend to be with. You can always count on him whenever problems arise as he will always be there for you
Lionel Leong
Jason has always been a wonderful & very reliable leader to his associates. Being a consistent top producer himself, he lead by example and is constantly pushing our limits to unleash our potential. He is always thinking of ways to value add agent which indirectly helps us to value add our clients. With his forte in establishing a systematic business model tailored for us to scale the real estate business up to the next level. There is no doubt that under his leadership, he has managed to groom many Top Producers and leaders throughout the years! If you are looking for a selfless mentor / coach to not only guide you excel in sales but also to be a better version of yourselves look no further!
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Jason is in the #01 real estate company in Singapore - PropNex, and he is heading Jason Tan Advisory Group (JTA).
He focuses on grooming leaders and achievers, and he believes in making prospecting and conversions simple so that everyone can have a winning start in JTA.
Incorporating his IT knowledge and vast on-the-ground experience, he curated 4 Exclusive Sales Systems for JTA. Do-It-For-You is the concept behind all his systems. Workable, Easy to Adopt & Hassle Free so that all the teammates in JTA have to do is just plug and play, and focus on serving their clients .
JTA Exclusive Sales System 1
Verve Real Estate:
Plug-and-Play Digital Video Marketing Platform
"A made easy yet powerful Video Marketing system for everyone in JTA to embark on 4 social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Tik Tok) to achieve the following objectives:
• Get exclusives with this USP
• Get the rightful commission
• Market your property on social medias
• Higher exposure for your clients
• Brand yourself"
JTA Exclusive Sales System 2
New Launch System
"Embark on a proven leads gen journey that have been tested by on-the-ground leaders. Over at JTA, we are constantly investing in new formulas on what works and what not.
Exclusive JTA marketer for :
• Google PPC
• Facebook/ Instagram Sponsored Ads & Landing pages"
JTA Exclusive Sales System 3
CRM Funneling (From Cold To Warm To Hot)
"Just like you, I used to think Customer Relationship Management is not important as I have been achieving my sales target solely on cold leads for 14 years. After I was enlightened, I must say, the past 3 years has not only been my best achievement years, it has also been my most meaningful & happiest years. Let me share with you why in this course, and how you can attain the breakthrough I personally have as well." - Jason Tan
JTA Exclusive Sales System 4
Empowerment Kits
"Irregardless of whether you are a brand new agent or an experienced realtor, our up-to-date analysis with hard facts and figures will provide you with the instant knowledge you will need to convince, impress and most importantly, value add to your clients! Empower yourself with our 5 Empowerment Kits now!"
JTA Exclusive Team Support
• 60mins with JTA trainings
• JTA Exclusive Resource Hub
• Grooming Project IC and Taggers Meeting
• Grooming Team Leaders Meeting
Jason’s Beliefs & Work Ethics
Jason believes in mutual respect and having a full understanding of you first before he proceeds with a tailor made plan to achieve your goal. Not only is excelling in your career his priority, ensuring a happy working relationship and a work-life balance for you and your family are also the determinants he cares about.
He believes alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. In order to keep the team growing and closely knitted, Jason works closely with his 25 dedicated team leaders, 2 assistants & a social media management team. Tapping on everyone’s unique specialty, JTA ensures you are in good care!
OUR VISION: To become the leading division to serve the Singapore property market and be the leaders of change in the industry.
OUR MISSION: To enhance our client’s buying or selling journey through value-added professional service.
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The Advanced Prospecting Group is a thrice-weekly 9 session where attendees will have their hands held and patiently guided by facilitators and top producers.
This programme is led by Chief Facilitators, Adrian Lim, Vincent Woon and Ryan Mock. More than seven batches have been successfully completed with the added support of many of our best managers.
Inconsistency is an issue which prevents many agents from reaching their full potential. This was identified as a central problem that stood in the way of an agent's success. This Prospecting Focus Group was established to address that, and other issues that our agents face.
Chiefs Adrian Lim, Gilbert Leong, Paul Wong, Ng Guan Boon, Vincent Woon and Ryan Mock who are veterans in this industry.
We have come together to ensure that our people not only learn to fix these issues but to forge friendships and partnerships that will benefit them in the long term. This programme has been crafted to allow our agents to get the hands-on practice required to effectively apply these techniques.
Door Knocking Sessions
Telemarketing Sessions
Advance Prospecting Group
Real estate is not a lonely industry:
The 3 weeks program will focus on ⭐Asset Progression activities⭐. 3 times a week to maintain consistency, intensity and most important immediate sales results!
Generating immediate results:
As such, we will group participants into small groups that are well-facilitated in order for participants to work on the leads immediately without fear of making mistakes or losing deals.
Practice makes perfect:
A variety of activities that include, telemarketing, door knocking, Presentation & Connection will be carried out applying what you’ve learnt from our PropNex PNG Signature programs to put what they’ve learned into immediate practice on the ground.
Full guided by top producers:
Our managers, they are platinum Achievers (>$100k commissions a month) will be fighting alongside with and hand-holding the participants to hit their SALES TARGET together with them during the CHALLENGE.
We are confident that this program will uplift the standards, enhance the foundation of real estate salespersons to help them generate even more sales appointments and results.
😞Dumping large pool of funds into expensive marketing yet ending up with no results?
😞Failure In creating appointment with cold leads because you don’t know what to say?
😞Lack of a consistent prospecting method?
😞Real estate industry is a lonely career?
Lack of the appointment to present or plan for their clients is one of the major roadblocks facing many agents now.
The Advance Connection Group (ACG) a Well-thought through, Put Together, MLD Training program in 2018 by veterans, Top Achievers and Multiple Platinum Achievers, Chris Pang and Paul Wong, to address all the difficulties and concerns to unlock and propel our agents forward in eventual SUCCESS!
In ACG, we turn every road blocks into the Road that leads to Rome! We empower our agents with a consistent cost-free prospecting method securing asset progression appointment without paying a Cent!
In ACG, we teach our agents :
🤩 Effectively segregate their phone lists for hand-held tight follow ups,
🤩 Template to engage, connect and convert buyers who contacted them through their listing portals like Property Guru , 99.co, EdgeProp, SRX etc
🤩 Organise post-ACG support group to encourage ideas sharing and personal case study sharing that carries on even after course has ended
This program does not merely help our participants in their performance individually, it also builds longevity in the industry with Unselfish Sharing and Support
“ If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ”
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Tested And Proven. Let's Meet For A Non-Obligatory And Free Session To Attain Your Breakthrough
The PropNex Powerful Negotiators Group was founded in 2005 by Mr Kelvin Fong and his team of leaders. It is Singapore’s largest real estate team consisting of an impressive 8000 agents. In the past, the group was aptly known as Megaforce. PNG has earned the stunning accomplishment of being the champion PropNex team every year since 2006. Year after year PNG has shown its ability to generate groundbreaking results. What’s more, PNG has a knack for turning agents into efficient machines of success, guiding and grooming the next generation of champion real estate agents. The robust support training programmes from PNG has created a special atmosphere of success. With top achievers willing and able to share the secrets of their success and guide the next generation to even greater heights.
Tested And Proven. Let's Meet For A Non-Obligatory And Free Session To Attain Your Breakthrough